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Crafting at Glacier Speed

Technique: Masking stamps

Ah, the last day to upload submissions for the stretch your stamps 2 class… I decided to try a stamping technique even though I didn’t have all the needed supplies. What I did have was improvisation….

So here is the final from day4, using 2 sets of stamps and 2 colors of ink. The idea is to find a way to use all those phrases we have instead of just our favorite couple. IMG_1065.JPG

The directions mention clear embossing plastic so I left this card at the bottom until I realized I just needed a mask I could cut and see through. I have wax paper!IMG_1058.JPG
So here is a bit of making the sausage…the wax paper circle is the same as the card stock circle and everything is secured underneath and from the back with painters tape.

Here is my stash, some Adult Beverages Sayings from Simon Says Stamp and Happy Hour from Stampin’ Up. (Oh I wish stampin’ up would create die cuts for those drink glasses!!)IMG_1045.JPG

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Technique: A little of everything

The final day of stretch your stamps 2 featured a small ‘hello friend’ stamp which instructors used in a variety of ways.

I took my inspiration from there to do a bunch of different things I learned across the class. I’m way more comfortable with embossing, for certain! I’ve learned to use my watercolors and ink pads differently, I’m using my stamps again, and just generally inspired and creatively energized.

If that isn’t a ringing endorsement, I’m not sure what is! For this card alone, I had fun with embossing, watercolors, die cuts, stamping, fussy cutting, watercolor pencils (which I hadn’t broken out in a loooong time), ribbon and shiny stuff.
I always felt a card was naked without ribbon but have been trying not to put it on my cards unless it just needs it. This one needed it. 🙂 I didn’t take a photo of it, but it says ‘Thinking of you’ inside. I didn’t want to add anything more to the front.

Only one more day of playing with class stuff before they lock everything down; I wonder what I’ll try tomorrow?

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Technique: Emboss & Emboss

I guess if I’d paid better attention to the day 10 notes for stretch your stamps 2 if have seen that a mask is not actually necessary when there is no inking and all embossing. Oops. Scroll to the bottom of this post to see that I did it anyway.

Well I did learn that I have no problem embossing different colors at different times…it’s different colors heated all at the same time which was zero fun.

So I made 2 almost-identical cards tonight; one for a friend who recently lost her mother, and one for my own mother who had eye surgery today. Mom can’t read the card, but she’ll know I was thinking of her, and can maybe see it in 6 weeks. 🙂

Here I used a Memory Box wood winterberry stamp and a flower from (I think) a Martha Stewart doily stamp set. Both cards feature a Memory Box butterfly partial-cut out. IMG_1040.JPG
The ‘get well’ die is from Lawn Fawn and the ‘with sympathy’ die is from Simon Says Stamp. I used a tiny bit of dark pink Wink of Stella in the center of the embossed white flowers. The brushes on those pens are amazing; I could color the head of a pin .IMG_1041.JPG
And to the unnecessary masking–and the mess! Here is my space, trying to show the white embossed flowers and the black masks over a few as I get ready to put Versamark on the winterberry stamp….but seriously, check out that chaos!IMG_1042.JPG
Would you believe I typically do pick up old projects before I start new ones? We’re seeing a fun ‘no man’s land’ space where I have scraps I think I’ll use shortly so they aren’t put away.

Goodness. 🙂 It’s fun to play ‘I spy!’

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Technique: Use your Letters

Day 4 of stretch your stamps 2 got to something a lot of us card makers have but don’t know what to do with–alphabet stamps. I have 7 alphabets and only use 1. In fact, it’s the one I used for this project. Why do I even have the others?! I’m not certain of the manufacturer but I suspect it’s Hero Arts.

I had a different umbrella than they used in the sample, mine is a really cute one from Darcie’s Raindrop Kisses set. I’m not sure if they make a die, I kind of like fussy cutting. :). The tiny flower is the same flower from the strawberry wreath card (I still have to look up that manufacturer, but I know they’re out of business now–the designer, Marcella Hawley, started her own company called Power Poppy. If you like her stuff like I do, go check it out!)
The pink I chose for the scrolls was a little too bright so I dragged the inkpad across them to darken the shade so they would coordinate better.

Those rhinestones match in real life; they look like the wrong shade in the photo….

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Technique: Stamp with masks

Day 9 of Stretch Your Stamps 2 was mostly about layering and masking. The sample I chose turned the individual flowers and leaves into a wreath, then the center was cut out by hand, and finally a word was inserted in the space.

I didn’t have the stamps they used or the sentiment, but I made do! Here is my strawberry wreath; very summery. I stamped and colored with the same ink colors. No shimmer, no sparkle… Purposefully shaded this way. 🙂
I shaded a sheet of paper with Memento Rhubarb Stalk red (same color as the strawberries) then cut out the ‘Happy’ to get a varied (not solid) effect. I stacked up the sentiment (4 on top, one secured underneath) to give it all a bit of strength. The card is being pressed flat now; it got a bit wonky in the creating!

I have to look up the stamp company and die manufacturer, I can’t remember either off hand!

UPDATE: The strawberries stamp set is from now-defunct company ‘Flourishes’. Their designers have scattered but I recommend checking out Power Poppy for the next best thing!

The happy die is from Serendipity stamps; I also have their ‘believe’ and ‘hello’ but they have lots more in a similar style.

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Technique: Black Emboss & watercolors

Stretch Your stamps 2 had a bonus day, basically to do some different things with those stamps that yell out ‘Color me’. They showed a mirror technique, a watercolor technique…things that really only worked with the exact stamps they were using for the class. But it’s my youngest nephew’s first birthday this week and I needed to make a couple of cards for the occasion.

Here is a retired Amuse Studio set, which may or may not be called ‘Howdy’ (confusing) and a dinosaur birthday set that I have had so long I don’t remember where it came from. Maybe Inkadinkadoo? Anyway, no copics here, all watercolors.

Here is the one I spent longest on, the cowboy card. I tried to make it look like the words were connected and attached to his hand, and I colored the words strangely on purpose, trying for a rope-look. Eh.


I wanted to do something different with this dinosaur card but remembered I have always made my older nephew birthday cards with a number in them, so I should stay the course… Had to get a 1 in here. I may turn it into a candle. Right now it doesn’t look like anything (a door?) but I pooped out. 🙂


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Technique: Stamp, Stencil, Cut

Getting caught up on Stretch Your Stamps 2, here I’ve gone back to a day 3 lesson. I changed it up a bit but that was the idea of the class–shop your stash.

The clouds and balloon are from Memory Box and the background stencil is from My Favorite Things. Shapes are stamped with Miss You but the Lawn Fawn ‘friend’ is what really stands out. It’s a nice minimalist card.

Here is a great trick I learned–stack up the letters then glue the bottom one down–then the dimensional foam won’t be so darn obvious 🙂 IMG_1019.JPG

Here is something I tried since I had the butterfly stencil and the butterfly die. The mix of sequins and rhinestones is new for me; I’ve never tried to incorporate sequins before and it feels a bit odd. Asymmetric placement, barely coordinating, the open hole in the center…

Like the card above, the butterfly is stamped with ‘miss you’ from a Paper Smooches stamp set, but then ‘miss’ was cut using a Paper smooches alphabet (hey, the M is clearly the same!). I used the ‘you’ from a Simon Says Stamp ‘Thinking of you’ die cut.

I still enjoy showing part of the mess. Since this photo, the scrap paper has gotten even worse. As long as it isn’t sticky or wet I just re-use the sheet the next day. The ghosts of projects past! IMG_1018.JPG

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Embossing Magic: Why?

I remember the first few times I needed to emboss in a card-making class environment. There was a tiny sealed bag near the embossing powder, Versamark and heat gun, but… what the heck was it?

Some people used it, some didn’t. It seemed the equivalent of waiving a hand over the paper. I’d asked different people over the years what was the point of the bag. One lady told me it was like sandpaper and was meant to smooth out the burrs in the paper. On another occasion it was suggested that putting down a layer of powder meant the Versamark would work.

Really, the Embossing Magic removes static. Some people put baby power in a nylon. Whatever works for you, but here is why you should use something…

Embossing magic used….IMG_1009.JPG

Embossing magic forgotten, but heated anyway to see ‘how bad will it look’….


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Technique: Outline Stamps

Oh, I am behind in my stretch your stamps 2 class! They are on day 10 and I am on day 5! A lot is going on, work and personal so it’s kind of a miracle I was able to do anything at all this week…

Here is my attempt at outline stamps, where you focus on the outline via different colors of embossing powder and have a light-touch with abstract watercolors.

Yeah, these two cards are in the same colors, but for embossing powder I only have one shade of blue and one shade of green!

Here is a close-up of the lower-half, with the Simon Says Stamp die Thinking of You and the watercolor effect. For watercolors, I had the right shade of blue but had to ‘create’ the appropriate green through mixing (new for me!) IMG_1003.JPG

Here is the Northwoods Rubber Stamp I used, Hydrangea Stem in Square, and what it looked like embossed but not colored in. IMG_1006.JPG

I wanted to try something similar but with a smaller stamp. I like the way it looks but I do not love the process for putting down more than one shade of embossing powder.IMG_1004.JPG

I wanted to do a close-up to show the watercolor background and tiny pearls. I should have used Iiquid pearls but I had the little pearls out so went with it. Fun fact, that’s the same white ribbon I used on the first card. I painted that too. 🙂 IMG_1005.JPG

I used my Memory Box Simple Phlox stamp and coordinating die, which is still available by calling Simple Pleasures. If you like it, you have to order there–the set was created just for their shop! (It’s my local haunt–Tell Cathy you saw it here, on Jen’s blog! :))

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Technique: Repurpose Graphic Stamps 2

I thought of going graphic for my stretch your stamps 2 class with crayons, and… Eh. I think it’s because of all that melting crayon art on Pinterest, so even as I was starting was losing interest… so I switched over to the colored pencil stamp from the Paper Smooches set. Much better! :). And I did 2 variations on a spiral.

The stamps are from Paper Smooches super cute I Heart Art set. I couldn’t think of a pattern besides a spiral but am now thinking I could have built a cool grid with the pencils. There’s always tomorrow!
Both are made in a similar way, and I inked the phrase in brown first, then went over the top with Versamark and gold embossing powder. I did the reverse with the easel, I went straight on top of the crayons with the Versamark and gold embossing powder, then colored in the legs with brown which covered up the pencils. Layering without layers. 🙂