Silly Auntie

Crafting at Glacier Speed

Repurposing Dies: Flowers

on March 26, 2015

I didn’t follow the class lesson well because I was inspired to do something quite different…  Why can’t I use a die to make cut-outs that I can THEN use to make an embossing/texture plate?  Well, it’s easier than I thought, and maybe those keurig k-cups aren’t reusable, but the cardboard boxes are the perfect weight for the cut-outs.


  I tossed them randomly on the big shot platform and used a silicone pad in my ‘sandwich’.  Awesomely easy.


Then some distress ink, ribbon, some letters and a phrase… And the real die cut shape takes front-stage in a very subtle way.  Fun!  I made a million this week.  Ok, 10.  But they’re all different. 🙂

    More to come.  I’ve done a lot, I’ve just not been sharing!  My bad.


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