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Garden Party Cards

i dearly love Pebbles’ Garden Party set, released in 2014.  I have stickers and ephemera but sometimes it’s fun to see what you can do with just the paper…  I created these using the 12×12 pack and the 6×6 pack, where sometimes the small/large version was better for the design.  The seed packs were from one sheet of 12×12 and I (very fussy) cut up another sheet to make the dimension elements.


         I hope you enjoy and are inspired to create something fun and fabulous!

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Mother’s Day and Paper Piercing

 I’m on a huge paper-piercing kick right now.  You name the flower and I’ve been working on it.  I love the stampendous stamps for this reason…. They’re detailed and realistic but not too small.

For the morning glories (This might be a petunia stamp, but I can fake it) I used COPICS to color the leaves. Then glued the blue paper flower petals, which I had earlier stamped and fussy-cut.  It’s far easier to color the leaves then glue vs glue then color.  Trust me.  🙂

I know I’m not properly following copic techniques, but I wanted something somewhat flat considering the flowers were totally flat, and the real reason to notice the card.


Since I needed to make a Mother’s Day card I thought this would be perfect for my mom.  I was so pleased that she loved it!  

Below is detail on the papertrey ink die.  I used spray adhesive on the back of the die and then placed it on the white card stock, but I think I must have shifted it slightly…anyway, the white cardstock  was a little sticky in places.  So plan B: I sprinkle with iridescent glitter.  It’s a nice touch to the card I wouldn’t have thought of, so I’m glad it worked out that way!


 I’d already given my mom her gift awhile earlier but didn’t want the card to be totally without a surprise.  This feels like it should be the new thing that I include with my cards, especially birthday!

 I put it directly below the fake seed package, and at the same angle.  Just a little glue to hold it in place… 
Cheers! Xoxo

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Repurposing Dies: Flowers

I didn’t follow the class lesson well because I was inspired to do something quite different…  Why can’t I use a die to make cut-outs that I can THEN use to make an embossing/texture plate?  Well, it’s easier than I thought, and maybe those keurig k-cups aren’t reusable, but the cardboard boxes are the perfect weight for the cut-outs.


  I tossed them randomly on the big shot platform and used a silicone pad in my ‘sandwich’.  Awesomely easy.


Then some distress ink, ribbon, some letters and a phrase… And the real die cut shape takes front-stage in a very subtle way.  Fun!  I made a million this week.  Ok, 10.  But they’re all different. 🙂

    More to come.  I’ve done a lot, I’ve just not been sharing!  My bad.

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Copics: white images

Coloring white images is hard…I can’t believe I had any success at all! Eyeglasses and glass containers have dimensional glaze on them. So cute 🙂


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Copics meh


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Copics fail: Recovery!


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Copics fail


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Learning to use copics


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Technique: Masking stamps

Ah, the last day to upload submissions for the stretch your stamps 2 class… I decided to try a stamping technique even though I didn’t have all the needed supplies. What I did have was improvisation….

So here is the final from day4, using 2 sets of stamps and 2 colors of ink. The idea is to find a way to use all those phrases we have instead of just our favorite couple. IMG_1065.JPG

The directions mention clear embossing plastic so I left this card at the bottom until I realized I just needed a mask I could cut and see through. I have wax paper!IMG_1058.JPG
So here is a bit of making the sausage…the wax paper circle is the same as the card stock circle and everything is secured underneath and from the back with painters tape.

Here is my stash, some Adult Beverages Sayings from Simon Says Stamp and Happy Hour from Stampin’ Up. (Oh I wish stampin’ up would create die cuts for those drink glasses!!)IMG_1045.JPG

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Technique: A little of everything

The final day of stretch your stamps 2 featured a small ‘hello friend’ stamp which instructors used in a variety of ways.

I took my inspiration from there to do a bunch of different things I learned across the class. I’m way more comfortable with embossing, for certain! I’ve learned to use my watercolors and ink pads differently, I’m using my stamps again, and just generally inspired and creatively energized.

If that isn’t a ringing endorsement, I’m not sure what is! For this card alone, I had fun with embossing, watercolors, die cuts, stamping, fussy cutting, watercolor pencils (which I hadn’t broken out in a loooong time), ribbon and shiny stuff.
I always felt a card was naked without ribbon but have been trying not to put it on my cards unless it just needs it. This one needed it. 🙂 I didn’t take a photo of it, but it says ‘Thinking of you’ inside. I didn’t want to add anything more to the front.

Only one more day of playing with class stuff before they lock everything down; I wonder what I’ll try tomorrow?

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